Work Zone Awareness Week: Safety Tips for Workers and Drivers

Apr 22, 2020

by Kinsley,

On average, seven motorists and one worker are killed in work zone crashes each week, according to the Federal Highway Administration. These are often due to unexpected changes, narrow lanes, confusing signage, speeding and distracted driving incidents. National Work Zone Awareness Week is the perfect time for drivers and construction workers to review a few tips that help everyone return home safely.

For construction workers – remember to plan, implement and maintain a safe work zone by following these tips:

  • All workers should wear high-visibility apparel that meet the roadway requirements
  • Workers should know where to place temporary traffic barriers based on factors such as lateral clearance of workers from adjacent traffic, speed of traffic, duration and type of operations, time of day, and volume of traffic
  • OSHA notes that “regulatory speed zoning, funneling, lane reduction or the use of uniformed law enforcement officers or flaggers should be considered”
  • Work zones should be designed to reduce or eliminate the need for vehicles and equipment to drive in reverse

While it’s critical for workers to incorporate these tips to create a safe work zone, it’s equally as important for drivers to practice safe driving. When traveling through a construction zone, remember:

  • Keep your eyes on the road and avoid distractions such as changing the radio station, eating or drinking, or using a cell phone
  • Keep your headlights on to help others see your vehicle
  • Watch for brake lights on the vehicles ahead and the traffic around you so you are prepared to react
  • Always obey posted speed limits, as workers may only be a few feet from your vehicle as you drive through a work zone
  • Be mindful when changing lanes and only do so where the road markings indicate and if traffic permits
  • Pay attention to flaggers and follow their instructions
  • Prepare for the unexpectedwork zones can change rapidly, and workers and equipment may enter your lane without warning

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