When Push Comes to Shove

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Feb 3, 2021

by Kinsley,


Placing lake williams water main

As one of the best spots for fishing, boating and enjoying the outdoors in York, Pennsylvania, Lake Williams is in the middle of a multi-phase, multiyear dam rehabilitation project to repair its existing dam face, spillway, bridge and utilities. Our Industrial team helped deliver the first phase of work, and York Water Company recently called on our Utilities crew to help with the next task – installing a new water main.

Our Utilities team has worked hand-in-hand with York Water Company on various projects, and we were ready to tackle this one. We used a 220-foot jack and bore system to install 7,000 feet of 16-inch ductile iron water main under the bridge that spans the spillway between Lake Redman and Lake Williams. This provides a second feed into Jacobus if the existing water main would be damaged.

Typically, the process of using a jack and bore system involves digging a hole at each end of the main. From there, a boring machine is lowered into one hole and set on a track to auger a funnel underground to the other end as it pushes a casing pipe through. However, existing groundwater and bad soil conditions made it impossible to use this method, as the boring head repeatedly got stuck under the lake.

We needed a quick solution that wouldn’t cause any damage to Lake Williams or the surrounding environment. We created a pathway for the underground water main by utilizing a hammer machine, which hammers behind the casing pipe, pushing it through the ground rather than pulling it along the jack and bore track. Thanks to our crew’s expertise and ability to quickly adapt, we kept the project on track for a December 2020 completion.


Categories: Completed Projects, Featured, Utilities