Transforming a Family Home - 30 Years Later

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Jul 27, 2020

by Kinsley,

Originally built by Kinsley in the early 1990s, the owners of this 7,800-square-foot home in York, Pennsylvania were ready for a change. After searching for a new home in the area, they decided to stay in the home they’ve loved for almost 30 years and transform it into a lodge-style house, complete with a bridge leading to the front door, a reconfigured kitchen and a slide from the first floor to the basement.

Sourcing and installing the slide for the owners’ grandchildren was a unique challenge for our team. We worked closely with the owners to find a company to create the custom slide, and as our first in-home slide installation, we reviewed every detail to ensure a perfect fit and a mount that was safe and secure.


Our Custom team delivered unique finishes throughout the home, some of which included long lead times. To keep this project on schedule while working around these lead times, crews installed the insulation and drywall ahead of the custom windows and doors.

Our scope of work also included a new dining area with an outdoor dining deck, a renovated first-floor bedroom and bathroom area and a three-story open foyer with a timber-frame finish.

To remodel this family home, crews also:

  • Stained the existing brick
  • Removed interior walls and installed the necessary bearing support
  • Installed steel stairs, railings and wood treads
  • Constructed a new laundry room with cabinets, a sink and a laundry chute
  • Removed and re-framed the roof, including installation of dormers and new roof lines
  • Installed new windows and doors
  • Renovated two bathrooms

Renovations began in March 2019 and were completed this May, leaving the family with an updated forever home that they, along with their children and grandchildren, can enjoy for years to come.

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