Through a Rock and a Hard Place - Route 24 Project

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Jun 1, 2020

by Kinsley,

Rt24Utilities-54Our Utilities crew partnered with Columbia Gas earlier this year to replace a high-pressure steel and casing pipe with 450 feet of 12-inch high-pressure steel main pipe. This project is located along Mount Zion Road in York, Pennsylvania, near the Christmas Tree Shop and Mattress Warehouse.

When our work began, crews found rock throughout the area where the new pipe was to be installed. With the amount of rock present, the team decided it was best to drill through it, creating a space for the pipe to run through. The rock boring contractor had to use a larger bore machine to accommodate for the rock and they backreamed with a 24-inch pipe to create plenty of space for the new pipe. This required crews to dig a large hole for the pipe to pass through the rock and under the road.

Due to the size of the pipe, which weighed over 22,000 pounds, an additional four tractors were brought on-site to handle the main pipe above ground. Our team coordinated with all of the operators to safely carry the pipe and avoid any damage to its coating.

Coordination and communication were key factors throughout this project between our project team, the owner and other subcontractors. We worked closely as a team to coordinate the sequence of work in order to complete the project by the end of March.

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