Running Gas Over Water: West Philadelphia Street Bridge

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Oct 1, 2021

by Kinsley,

2P1A8749It’s all gas (line) under the bridge at our latest Utilities project in downtown York, Pennsylvania. When the existing pipe was deteriorating over an old train bridge, our crew was called in to relocate and replace it. We installed 250 feet of new six-inch steel piping under the West Philadelphia Street bridge. We also installed 1,200 feet of eight-inch plastic main along North Pershing Avenue, Philadelphia Street and Grant Street. 


With the steel piping running under the bridge, we first had to identify where we could drill through the 30-inch thick concrete piers and install the hangers to support the piping. We also had to relocate heavy steel bracing on the bridge to make room for the new six-inch steel gas line. Once the hangers were installed, we started threading the steel piping through each hanger and welding it as the pipe was pushed along with rollers. What’s most impressive about all of this work is that it was completed by crews working on an elevated platform over the water.

However, our challenges didn’t end there. When it came to installing the gas main, we found a 200-foot-long area where we couldn’t dig up the ground with our typical machinery because there were existing utilities in the way. We quickly switched gears and opted to utilize a vac excavator to open the trench and install the main.


Once we tackled those few obstacles, we were able to keep our work on schedule, connecting the gas and removing the existing 20-inch and 12-inch gas main and steel supports with the help of our Industrial division. Our crew - made up of Robert Lentz, Zach Salsgiver, Travis Dehoff, Brandon Shaffer and Tyler Gillespie - delivered all of this work in just three months, completing the project in late September. 

Categories: Completed Projects, Featured, Kinsley Construction, Utilities, Construction