Restoring the Communities We Serve

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Mar 4, 2019

by Kinsley,

Storm damageWhile storms throughout 2018 flooded jobsites and impacted our schedules, families throughout the communities we serve were also greatly affected by the weather. In Bel Air, Maryland, four families were left without access to their homes after Labor Day weekend storms washed away the existing culvert in their neighborhood and destroyed the roadway. During their search for a local contractor who was willing to perform the repairs, Harford County recommended Kinsley and our team was prepared to step in and help them return home.

In late November we began our work by installing a stabilized construction entrance and removing existing debris, rip-rap and piping. To restore the area, we cut and filled the culvert, placed class three rip-rap along the new 84-inch culvert, installed a 25,000-pound headwall, placed subbase for paving and repaved the roadway.

Located in a cul-de-sac, our space for material lay down was restricted to a small road that needed to remain open for traffic. Our team carefully coordinated materials that were required on site to limit traffic disruptions to the rest of the neighborhood.

Just as storms originally caused this issue, they continued to impact our work. The pump to drain water from the site clogged after each subsequent storm, requiring our team to take additional steps to prepare the site for bad weather and prevent additional flooding.

Our biggest challenge came from working with utilities to temporarily disconnect and relocate existing utilities. Typically this process takes 8-10 weeks, which would have put our work behind schedule. Our team was able to coordinate with these companies to disconnect and relocate utilities in a week, keeping our schedule on track. This also supplied the homes with power to preserve their integrity and prevent any molding. We also coordinated all utility moves so that we could provide a final, uniform roadway pave.

Throughout this process, our team met with the homeowners weekly to share progress updates and alleviate any concerns. With a hardworking and dedicated team, we were able to complete the job in four months and allow the families to safely return home. Thank you to everyone who made this possible.New pipe and rip-rap

Categories: Maryland Construction, Projects in Construction, Site Work