Restoring Kreutz Creek

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Nov 17, 2020

by Kinsley,

Running 17.8 miles long, Kreutz Creek in Pennsylvania is a great location for catching catfish and bass, and serves as a tributary of the Susquehanna River. Unfortunately, an area of the creek in Hellam was exposed to a gas pipe, threatening the integrity and health of the waterway, fish and surrounding environment. 2P1A4647

Kinsley’s Utilities crew came on board to replace and relocate the current steel pipe with 1,320 feet of two-inch medium plastic main. This project involved a stream crossing, which required our team to complete an open cut trench excavation to replace the pipe and backfill the area. Our biggest challenge came from the amount of rock located in the area designated for the pipe installation. We relied on lessons learned from past experience working on job sites filled with rock to carefully remove it while following environmental guidelines to ensure the stream remained unharmed.

In addition, the job site was located near homes. To reduce disturbance, we chose to directionally drill the long service lines. This allowed us to only drill where the service line would be installed, rather than open cutting the ground which would require us to dig up a larger area, including the homeowners’ yards. We completed all work earlier this summer, within the four month schedule.

Categories: Completed Projects, Featured, Utilities