Repairing Lower Lancaster

Featured, in-progress, Utilities
Jul 21, 2020

by Kinsley,

UGI Corporation hired Kinsley’s Utilities team to deliver cast iron main replacements in center city Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Located on Lime Street, from Church Street to East Liberty Street, this project involves installing approximately 8,620 feet of two-, four-, six- and eight-inch medium and low pressure plastic main. In addition, crews will complete base repairs, concrete and asphalt work.

Since the project began in March, we encountered challenges with the location of existing utilities. While installing and tying in our main, crews found that the existing utility was not located where the map showed it. We used vacuum excavation to break up the soil and underground materials to find the existing utilities. This required us to adjust the location of the new mainline as well.

Despite experiencing some delays due to this additional work and adjustment, crews were able to persevere and keep the project progressing on schedule. We anticipate that our work will be complete by this December, ahead of an upcoming PennDOT paving project.

Categories: Featured, in-progress, Utilities