Rebuilding Robinson Mill Road Bridge

Completed Projects, Highway and Bridge
Jul 14, 2020

by Kinsley,

With structural degradation of the steel support beams and corrugated metal bridge deck, the Robinson Mill Road bridge in Dublin, Maryland, was in need of repairs for years. However, the bridge runs over Broad Creek which empties into the Conowingo reserves in the Susquehanna River, making it an environmentally sensitive waterway.

Pulling from past project experience, our Highway and Bridge crews were prepared to take extra precautions to protect the waterway and uphold its integrity during construction. We kept our work areas clean, maintained the natural flow of the creek and kept sediment from entering the waterway.

The location of the bridge, paired with inclement weather, left our site flooded multiple times throughout the project. Crews quickly rebuilt and cleaned the site after each storm to keep the project on track.

This bridge replacement included the construction of a new 50-foot-long, prestressed concrete box beam bridge with a concrete deck and metal traffic barriers. We were also responsible for constructing a new steel sheet pile cofferdam, reconstructing the roadway, making improvements to three bioswale storm water filters and road drainage structures, and installing rip rap for slope protection. Because of our diligence and commitment to maintaining a safe site and meeting the schedule, we were able to successfully complete the project in May.

Categories: Completed Projects, Highway and Bridge