Rebar Tackles Tight Schedule for Geisinger Health

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Dec 22, 2020

by Kinsley,

At Kinsley, we meet the schedule – no exceptions. Respecting schedules saves time and money, and helps us build strong relationships that lead to repeat clients. This couldn’t be more true for our Rebar team as they delivered foundational and parking deck steel for a new parking garage at the Geisinger Health School of Nursing in Danville, Pennsylvania.2P1A0034

Our team received a notice of contract award for the project on July 1st, with the first load of rebar set to ship by July 20th. However, one week before the first shipment date, we received revised drawings as a majority of the reinforcement was redesigned and nearly doubled in tonnage for the garage walls and footers. This required us to prepare new submittals, which were approved only days before the first shipment date. Even with this change, the client wanted to stick as closely as possible to the original schedule. So, our in-house team fabricated, loaded and delivered the first shipment of rebar to the site within two days of receiving materials.

While we were able to quickly adapt to the design changes and remain on track, threats to the schedule didn’t end there. Because this project required epoxy-coated rebar to protect the steel from salt erosion, we didn’t have the space to store the 190+ tons needed in our fabrication shop. Instead, we were only able to get a couple of truckloads delivered to the shop at a time. And to make this project even more challenging, the already long lead time for the epoxy-coated rebar grew as the mill was three weeks behind.

It wasn’t uncommon for our team to receive a shipment, complete fabrication and have it delivered to the job site within a matter of days throughout this project’s duration, all to ensure that we met the schedule. Thanks to the team’s ability to quickly fabricate the rebar with accuracy, we were able to make our last delivery in October, keeping the project on schedule.

Categories: Completed Projects, Featured, Rebar