Rebar Lifecycle: A Look Into the Operation

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Jun 15, 2020

by Kinsley,

Rebar serves as one of the key initial tasks for most projects small to large. Our Rebar team specializes in fabricating reinforcing steel and has become a trusted resource for clients throughout the Mid-Atlantic region. In a year’s time, it is typical for us to fabricate rebar for over 300 projects.

Step 1

After estimating prepares a bid and we are awarded the contract, our in-house detailing team creates shop fabrication and field placement drawings for the project. This is a crucial step – these drawings are used to create measurements for cutting and bending the rebar, and are used in the field to assist installation. Drawings are reviewed by the engineer or architect, and once approved, are used to create a fabrication list with the types and sizes of rebar that will be needed.IMG_9120 edit

Step 2

Next, our team orders domestic rebar from independent warehouse companies or mills located on the East Coast. These shipments arrive sometimes daily to our Princess Street plant in York, Pennsylvania, where they are unloaded according to size.

Step 3

With the materials and shop drawings in hand, our skilled fabricators (who consist of a father and son duo) enter the measurements into the shearing and bending machines to fabricate each piece of rebar. Throughout shearing and bending, they measure the rebar to ensure accuracy and quality.

Step 4

Once all of the rebar for the project is cut and bent, it’s loaded onto a truck and delivered to the job site to be installed. The process is always ongoing and projects move in and out of our doors daily.

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