Providing Concrete for Carbon-Free Electricity

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Nov 9, 2020

by Kinsley,

Exelon Corporation’s Peach Bottom Atomic Power Plant in Delta, Pennsylvania, generates enough carbon-free electricity to power 2.7 million homes. As the plant has expanded to service countless communities, they’ve continued to call on our Materials team as their main supplier.

In the last few years, our Materials team has supplied over 15,500 yards of concrete and 900 yards of shotcrete for projects at the Peach Bottom Atomic Power Plant. These projects include construction of a concrete pad area for storage containers and storage tanks, which are necessary for storing nuclear materials. The concrete used to fill the shell of the tanks required a highdensity sand to control radiation emitted from the used nuclear fuel rods taken out of cooling tanks. We partnered with Holtec International who delivered the sand to our concrete plant where we stored it until the concrete pour was complete.

In addition, this project required aggregate with 0% dolomite for the mix, which we were able to provide from our Penn Roc quarry in York, Pennsylvania. However, before any of the concrete mix was poured, it needed to be tested to ensure it met Exelon Corporation’s standards. All of the testing was completed at our concrete lab by our lab technicians and a team from Holtec.

Because we have consistently delivered materials that met Exelon Corporation’s unique needs, we have been named their main supplier for concrete mixes. By embracing our commitment to deliver quality, we’ve built a strong relationship with this client.

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