Our Main Priority: Utility Installation

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Jul 2, 2021

by Kinsley,

2P1A2771Roadway construction, especially water and gas line replacement, can be a nuisance for local communities, causing traffic delays and parking disruptions. Throughout York and Lancaster, Kinsley’s Utilities crews have been working hard to replace these outdated mainlines, some of which were installed over 100 years ago. Without proper maintenance and replacements, these lines could leak gas or water, creating a dangerous environment for the local community. 

Our experience in utility replacement and construction spans more than 40 years, with over 600 completed projects. Our knowledge and commitment to completing projects safely and in a timely manner is why we are the preferred contractor for utility companies.

These jobs can take one month to one year to complete, depending on the project scope. Once we are awarded the contract, we walk the job, place One-Call tickets and then begin the restoration. Once all service lines have been installed, we prep for abandonment of the old mainlines. Next, crews on site complete a soft surface restoration until we can schedule concrete and asphalt repairs as needed. It is always our intention to leave the job site in the same condition as when we first arrived, if not better. 

By communicating with residents and local businesses, keeping our job sites clean, and meeting the schedule, we’re able to minimize disruptions while completing this critical work.

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