Preserving a Legacy - The Hershey Company

Adaptive Reuse, Completed Projects, Sustainability
May 26, 2016

by Kinsley,

Within the past year we have watched many of our market sectors regain momentum, and office buildings in conjunction with adaptive re-use projects have contributed significantly to this growth. Tied with this theme of corporate office spaces, many companies are transitioning to more open, collaborative, and flexible work spaces for their employees. Gone are the days of the typical hard-walled, closed-off, and fixed places of employment.

150302_010The Hershey Company hired Kinsley as their design-builder to complete the programming, planning, design, and construction associated with the conversion of approximately 300,000 square feet of former manufacturing space, with some areas being over 100 years old, into next century corporate office space; embodying the cutting-edge characteristics of today’s office space. This renovation and adaptive re-use project seamlessly blended the facility’s rich history with modern day design and building elements. It is an end product that showcases an unparalleled commitment to sustainability and energy-efficiency, including a LEED Gold certification.

The project team effectively coordinated each unique situation with which it was presented. The team maximized high performance day-lighting opportunities in the formerly windowless facility, constructed a two-story central atrium around occupied spaces, and drilled rock anchors to enable erection of structural steel that met stringent seismic bracing requirements.

Kinsley led detailed weekly logistics plans and coordinated with The Hershey Company to minimize interruptions for personnel within the facility; and to ensure temporary egress and safety requirements were developed, communicated, and maintained throughout construction. Phased occupancy plans were implemented to allow for day-to-day operations to be continuous. Precise and careful execution allowed the project to exceed schedule expectations and produce noticeable results.

For over 100 years, the 19 East Chocolate Avenue facility has been an iconic building in downtown Hershey.

This next century adaptive reuse project has preserved the long standing legacy of Milton Hershey, while providing a space that will serve The Hershey Company for many years to come.



Project highlights include:

  • A 65,000-sq-ft under-floor HVAC air plenum system
  • A state-of-the-art corporate café and kitchen
  • Implementation of existing manufacturing materials and artifacts
  • Modern day branding and graphics
  • Integrated lighting control system
  • Work areas for more than 1,200 office and technical staff

Categories: Adaptive Reuse, Completed Projects, Sustainability