Life during a construction project: What you can really expect

May 6, 2019

by Robert Reeves, Senior Living Business Development Executive,

What comes to mind when you think of a construction project? For many owners, the thought of building a new senior living community or renovating their current space can feel overwhelming. However, having a better understanding about what life will be like during construction can help turn that worry into excitement for your new project.

Here are a few key things that you can expect:

  1. Daily communication with construction team

Contractors not only focus on overseeing construction materials, equipment and labor, but they also act as a day-to-day liaison for owners. With senior living projects, construction teams will meet with owners often to share updates, discuss upcoming work and answer questions. Being transparent about construction tasks not only with owners, but also the staff and residents, helps alleviate any concerns about disruptions to daily operations or resident and staff safety.

  1. Ongoing preparation and planning

While you’ll meticulously review the design before any construction work begins, the planning doesn’t end there. Throughout the construction process, you’ll continue to look over every detail from outlet placement and wheelchair accessibility to furniture, fixtures, equipment and more. Your construction team will also work with you to develop emergency plans for any unknowns that may arise, such as unmarked underground utilities or rescheduling inspections required to continue work. This additional preparation and planning will not only ensure your space is built to meet your needs, but is also delivered on schedule and within budget.

  1. A focus on job site cleanliness and staging

It’s critical to share your expectations for job site cleanliness and equipment staging with the construction team. Contractors and subcontractors understand that keeping the construction site clean and organized at all times helps ensure the safety of the entire project team, your staff and your residents.

With renovations or phased occupancy projects, construction teams may take additional steps to maintain an organized site and keep construction work and equipment visually separate from your operations to minimize disruptions. Before the project is completed and turned over to the owners, the construction team will complete a final round of cleaning to ensure the space passes the “white glove test.”


While the thought of a construction project may seem overwhelming for senior living owners, having a more thorough understanding of the process will better prepare you for what’s to come. Remember, your construction team is there to help alleviate stress about the project while delivering a community your residents can call home.  


Author Bio:

With over 18 years of experience in the construction industry, Rob Reeves leads Kinsley’s Philadelphia region efforts with a focus on the senior living market.


Originally published in McKnight's Senior Living.

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