How Efficient Senior Communities Enhance Owner’s ROI

Sep 13, 2019

by Robert Reeves, Senior Living Specialist, Kinsley Construction, Inc.,

Senior living construction involves countless details, from material selection and room layout to mechanical systems and fixtures. But are you considering one of the most important factors – efficiency?

When building a new senior living space or renovating your current one, ensuring that it will operate with efficiency is critical to enhancing your return on investment. An efficient senior living community should provide an environment where providers can deliver the best possible care and one where residents are happy to call home. Here are our top three ways you can incorporate efficient systems and design options into your space:

  1. LED lighting

LED lighting is a simple way to save money in the long-run. While the upfront cost to install LED lighting may be higher than traditional lighting systems, LED lights are an energy-efficient option, using only a fraction of the energy as an incandescent light bulb. In addition, they also have a longer life-span which can save costs on maintenance and replacement.

  1. VRF mechanical systems

When it comes to heating and cooling a senior living community, it’s difficult to find a system that will please everyone’s temperature preferences. However, a variable refrigerant flow (VFR) system provides cooled air and heat simultaneously to various areas throughout the building. They’re also quieter and more energy efficient than other air conditioning units. VRF mechanical systems can be installed within the ceiling instead of a mechanical closet in the resident’s room, eliminating the need for additional ductwork and creating a more open floor plan. It’s an option that provides more comfort for residents and can be installed in an existing or new senior living community.

  1. Less staff touchdown spaces

Another way owners can enhance their senior living community’s ROI is by constructing discreet staff spaces. Previously, standard remote stations required providers to sit for extended periods completing paperwork and logging information. By eliminating large remote stations and providing your staff with technology that allowing them to access resident information on-the-go, you can increase your staff’s efficiency and provide a higher level of care.

Care providers, residents and owners all benefit from a more efficient senior living community. By creating a space that utilizes the best systems you can allow your providers to deliver the best care for residents and keep operations running smoothly. For owners, an efficient space can help save costs in the long-run and ultimately enhance your return on investment.


Author Bio:

With over 18 years of experience in the construction industry, Rob Reeves leads Kinsley’s Philadelphia region efforts with a focus on the senior living market.


Originally published in McKnight's Senior Living.

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