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Apr 2, 2021

by Kinsley,

2P1A0307Separation Technologies operates fly ash processing circuits at power plants, like Brunner Island in York Haven, Pennsylvania, which turn ash into a product for concrete. But when the Brunner Island Power Plant switched their units to natural gas, our client needed to find a new way to produce their fly ash. The solution – design a system to reclaim ash that was buried on site.

Through a long-standing relationship with our Materials group, our client reached out to Kinsley for help and decided our Industrial team would be perfect to install the new system. The project included construction of a storage foundation and installation of the system which consisted of a live bottom bin feeder, dryer, cyclone, baghouse, 100-ton silo, multiple blowers and pumps.

Though the system’s design was ready, where it would sit within Brunner Island’s facility was still up for debate. Originally, the plans called for the system to be located above the main natural gas line feeding the plant. However, the existing underground utilities required that the system be relocated to the middle of a utility map. Because this required new designs, which included adding a protective sleeve over a buried water line and encasing concrete on the existing utilities, the change in location caused delays to the schedule.

Once the new location was approved, our Industrial team got to work – fabricating and erecting over 15 tons of structural steel, delivering 300 yards of cast-in-place concrete for the storage foundation and installing all mechanical equipment and piping. Our work was completed between June and October for the new system, with potential plans to construct a much larger system on site down the road.

Categories: Featured, Projects in Construction, Industrial