Debunking 3 Common Construction Myths

Apr 19, 2019

by Robert Reeves, Senior Living Business Development Executive,

For many, the thought of a construction project brings to mind an unorganized job site being run by a contractor who’s behind schedule and over budget. This common misconception often leaves owners fearful when building a new space or renovating a current one. However, by debunking a few common myths about construction, owners can feel more prepared and excited for their next project.  

MYTH 1: Contractors are terrible at communication

FACT: General contractors not only focus on overseeing the construction materials, equipment and labor, but they also act as a day-to-day liaison for owners, developers, architects and subcontractors. The construction team will often hold weekly team meetings and communicate with owners daily to share updates, discuss upcoming work and answer questions. Communication with the entire project team and owner is critical to delivering a successful project.

MYTH 2: Job sites are never clean

FACT: When most people imagine a construction site, ‘clean’ is not a word that often comes to mind. While it may seem chaotic at first glance, contractors carefully plan what operations will be occurring on the job site each day to keep the space as organized and tidy as possible. With renovations or phased occupancy projects, construction teams may take additional steps to maintain an organized site and keep construction work separate from the client’s operations to minimize disruptions. Before the project is completed and turned over to the owner, the construction team will complete a final round of cleaning to ensure the space passes the “white glove test.”

MYTH 3: Construction projects run over schedule and budget

FACT: While we’ve all heard horror stories about construction projects that are behind schedule and over budget, it’s not a reality for most projects. When developers, architects, contractors, subcontractors and owners meet early on during preconstruction it helps equip everyone to successfully deliver the project accurately, within budget and on schedule.

It’s important to note that even with additional planning upfront, unknown situations may arise that can impact a project’s budget and schedule – such as weather, hidden underground utilities or inspections and permits that are required before continuing work. Bringing in the construction team early on will allow them to plan for potential unknowns and provide solutions to make up lost time and stay within the initial budget.


While the thought of a construction project may cause some stress for owners, knowing the facts can help provide a more realistic picture of what to expect during construction. With this insight, we can work to alleviate fears and create excitement for upcoming projects.


Author Bio:

With over 18 years of experience in the construction industry, Rob Reeves leads Kinsley’s Philadelphia region efforts with a focus on the senior living market.


Originally published in Building Design + Construction.

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