Cutting Waste for Maryland

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Apr 21, 2021

by Kinsley,

2P1A0424Dedicated to maximizing the efficiency of the local food industry, the Maryland Food Center Authority wants to begin utilizing a process that will transform how the facility decomposes waste. With their current system, waste is transported to a landfill to decompose, which results in greenhouse gases that may be harmful to the environment. However, this will all change with their new anaerobic digester which will turn food waste into renewable energy, reducing waste and gas emissions.

In order to install this new machinery at their facility in Howard County, Maryland, they called on our Rebar team to supply 270 tons of rebar for a bio-reactor tank and 105 tons of rebar for building foundations where the machines will be housed. With fabrication beginning in November 2020, our team was up against a tight schedule that required multiple back-to-back deliveries. To keep the project moving, we temporarily increased our fabrication workforce by 50%.

Thanks to our team’s hard work, we’re on schedule to make our last delivery of rebar this summer. Once the anaerobic digester is up and running, it will manage roughly 70,000 to 100,000 tons of food and agricultural waste per year.

*Kinsley only supplied rebar for this project

Categories: Completed Projects, Featured, Maryland Construction, Steel, Rebar