Constructing Bakerton Road Bridge

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Feb 3, 2021

by Kinsley,


Bakerton Road leads you to perfect spots for boating, fishing and picnicking along the Shenandoah River in Jefferson County, West Virginia. However, the existing 24-foot-long, one-lane bridge on Bakerton Road over Evitts Run was deteriorating, with large cracks forming in the concrete. To create a larger and safer bridge, the West Virginia Department of Transportation called on our Highway and Bridge team to construct a new one.

Being our first bridge project in West Virginia, our crew needed to learn state-specific requirements regarding bridge construction to ensure the surrounding environment was kept safe. For example, Evitts Run has special precautions, including cold and warm water restrictions, as it is a habitat for mussels. Our crews utilized silt socks and silt fencing to protect the stream and habitat. 

203512_N178With the protections in place, we began construction of the new, two-lane integral abutment bridge in June. Our scope involved creating the abutment foundation, forming the abutments, erecting the concrete spread box beams and pouring the concrete bridge deck. We also constructed new roadway approaches to the bridge, as the new bridge is slightly downstream from the existing one. Once the new bridge was complete, our crew demolished the deteriorated one, wrapping up all of our work in December 2020.


Categories: Completed Projects, Featured, Highway and Bridge